Preparation to birth, breastfeeding, and newborn care
Breastfeeding consultations


We highly believe in the power of education. Knowledge is power especially when it is used to raise future generations. We offer workshops in newborn care, childbirth, breastfeeding, nutrition, parenting and other topics related to parents and babies' psychological and physical health.


Our experts are highly qualified in the area of moms and babies' health. We offer breastfeeding, nutrition, and parenting consultations and other areas if needed. Our approach in treatment is based on the latest scientific evidence while encouraging the most natural approach to care.


Pregnancy is a natural state and not a sickness. Pregnant women should be able to move and exercise regularly in case of an uncomplicated pregnancy. We provide Pilates classes for moms during pregnancy and after birth. After birth, the mom can bring her baby with her. Our instructor is certified in Pilates and pregnancy/postnatal pilates. Classes are semi-private as per guidelines.
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